What to Wear While Going for Hot Air Balloon in Dubai

During your Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai, one is required to wear free and loose clothes in which they feel comfortable. It is recommended to avoid wearing skirts or dresses as one needs to climb inside and outside the balloon. In winters make sure you carry some warm clothes with you as the desserts tend to become cold during winter months.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Do Not Wear Skirts or Dresses

You should be prepared with your selective list of what to wear for hot air balloon Dubai while considering the challenges during takeoff and landing. Hot air balloon landings aren't always smooth, and since the landing , you might have to rush out of the basket. This may prove challenging if you're donning overly restrictive shorts or pants. Also, due to the wind and the necessity of entering and exiting the basket, skirts and dresses are not recommended for women.Furthermore, you'll need to climb into the balloon basket, so you'll want to wear clothes that are easy to move in. If you want to get the most out of your balloon ride, you should probably wear pants.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Do Wear Sunglasses

Because you will be spending time outside during your hot air balloon ride, you should wear sunglasses. This one is probably apparent, but if you are thinking about what to wear for hot air balloon Dubai, sunglasses are indeed a must wear because not only will it enhance your experience of a flight at sunrise or sunset but will also save you from causing a damage to your eyes.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Wear Shoes that are Both Cosy and Useful

As you would imagine, air balloon baskets aren't exactly the roomiest modes of transportation, so you would have to share your ride with other people. Comfortable shoes are recommended as you will be required to stand for the most of the event. And if you're wearing the right shoes, landing and climbing into the basket will be a breeze. Similarly inconvenient footwear, such as flip-flops or high heels, is not encouraged. When deciding on what to wear for hot air balloon Dubai, sneakers or boots are the most practical options.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

You should dress in layers for the flight when wondering about how to dress for hot air balloon Dubai. The aeronaut (a more formal term for a hot air balloon pilot) will examine the weather forecast to ensure favourable circumstances for your journey, but they cannot guarantee clear skies. The air temperature won't necessarily drop when you're higher up, but that's not to say that other weather elements like rain or dew won't contribute to a chillier experience. When you rise before sunrise, you'll experience cooler temperatures; when you go to bed after sunset, you'll feel warmer temperatures. Always keep the season in mind when deciding what to wear. Wearing a hoodie, sweater, or a light jacket is preferable to a bulky one, but if you're not sure, you can always ask the flight planner. Bring along an item that can be easily worn or taken off.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Wear a Hat

Carrying a hat along with you is also recommended. For greater comfort, you may want to wait until it cools down a bit before purchasing anything fuzzy. It would be great to wear a baseball cap if the weather permits but wearing a hat is a great way to shield your face from the sun, and since the burners will be very close to your head, it may get too hot for some of you to be comfortable with.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Camera Strap that Will Last

From tens of thousands of feet overhead, you can get some very breathtaking images. Therefore, it is only natural that you would want to carry your camera. Some landings can be bumpy, so a GoPro or tiny digital camera might be a good idea to have in hand. Don't bother bringing anything with you on a hot air balloon ride and you shouldn't think of leaving anything on the ground either while embarking on this hot air balloon ride. Ensure you have a sturdy camera strap so that your camera and all of your precious memories and possessions return home in one piece.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
No Jewelry

Jewelry is best left at home if you're going on a hot air balloon journey, as exciting as it may be. If necessary, you might slip your jewellery into your shirt to keep it safe. You can rest easy knowing it won't tumble out of the basket thanks to this measure.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Put Away the Blankets

You may need to bring some extra warm clothes in case the weather turns bad. However, only wearable ones should be used. If you're cold, a blanket could be a good idea. But, since it is important to reduce waste wherever possible and there’s hardly any space up on the ride, whenever planning how to dress for hot air balloon Dubai, remember that a warm coat will always be a superior option than a blanket.

Safety Guidelines for Hot Air Ballooning Dubai

Hot air ballooning is currently one of the safest type of aviation and its safety is highly dependent on favourable weather conditions. Each pilot has extensive flight experience and extensive training. They comply fully with the General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates' regulations regarding safety and quality. You can rest assured that you and your belongings are in good hands with their team of professional and experienced pilots. In order to guarantee the best possible service, they do routine maintenance checks on all of our apparatus. All of their balloons go through a rigorous maintenance regimen that includes regular inspections, and they have a licence from the General Civil Aviation Authority.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

1.) Our Longstanding ExperienceSince Dubai balloon activity has been in business longer than any other, it has operators that have unparalleled local knowledge and experience. Since 2005, when this activity first chartered the Dubai Desert, the balloon has carried over 120,000 passengers.

2.) Skilled PilotsTheir team of international hot air balloon pilots has over 120 years of combined expertise. All seven continents have been visited by our pilots who learned their craft in Australia and Europe.

3.) Safety BeltsBalloon Adventures's crew helped develop and produce the seatbelts that all passengers must use during landing. Passengers on all of Balloon Adventures Dubai's balloons now have the protection of seatbelts, making them the first balloon company in the world to do so.

4.) Safety BriefingThere is always a pre-flight safety briefing with the pilots of the hot air balloons. The pilot will give instructions on how to enter and exit the balloon basket, as well as where to land and any other necessary information.

5.) Weather ExpertsWe have our own weather stations, making us one of the few ballooning firms in the world that can monitor weather conditions in real time. This aids in maintaining favourable weather conditions for travel.

6.) Ground StaffFrom the moment the balloon is put up through launch, flight, and landing, our highly trained ground crew is there to assist in executing our safety measures.

7.) Safety BeltsBalloon Adventures staff members helped develop and produce the seatbelts that all passengers must use during landing. In fact they are the world's first balloon firm to equip all of their balloons with seat belts for passengers.

8.) Routine Maintenance ChecksIn order to keep our hot air balloons in top condition, we perform routine maintenance on them before and after each voyage as part of the safety guidelines for hot air balloon Dubai. Our balloons are subject to rigorous maintenance, including routine inspections, and we hold a licence from the General Civil Aviation Authority (Air Operator's Certificate AT-0024).

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