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Savor the enchanting sights and sounds of the city from high up in the air with a hot air balloon ride Dubai. Soaring at a height of over 4000 feet over vast stretches of the Arabian Desert, this tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should not miss when in this magical city. Watch miles of golden sand dunes washed in glittering sunlight span the area beneath. You can also spot a variety of desert animals from your perch, including the quintessential camels, gazelles, the oryx, and several others at peace in their natural surroundings.The hot air balloon rides in Dubai are made more unique and special by virtue of all the specialized tours you can avail of. These tours make your experience even more memorable by organizing delectable Arabian breakfasts for you once you make a pit stop at a picturesque setting before making your way back. The ride is ideal for not only couples looking for some private moments together in a surreal setting but also adventure seekers as well as entire families coming here to make a lifetime of memories. Make the most of your hot air balloon ride in Dubai by doing it around sunrise or sunset when a fuzzy blanket of light gold seems to have been cast over the entire desert area.

Get the Deals On Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai

When opting for a hot air balloon ride in Dubai, the best option is to do so online so as to get discounts and special combos. You can combine your hot air balloon ride with a number of other exciting features that will certainly make this a memory to cherish.

Choose us to book your hot air balloon ride Dubai ticket and enjoy a true desert-style experience with a sumptuous gourmet breakfast upon landing at a traditional Bedouin camp. Moreover, irrespective of the package you choose, you can make your tour convenient and comfortable with round trip transfers that we offer. You can also be absolutely assured of a safe and secure flight with our trained and experienced pilots guiding you through the skies.

Have a lovely time together with your better half
Standard Ride with Transfers

Age Policy:

  • Guests between 5 to 11 are charged at child prices, whereas guests between 12 to 80 years of age are charged at adult prices.
Starting from
16% OFF
Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience
Deluxe Ride With Breakfast And Falcon Photography with Transfers

Age Policy:

  • Guests between 5 to 11 are charged at child prices, whereas guests between 12 to 80 years of age are charged at adult prices.
Starting from
18% OFF
Enjoy Gourmet meals and breakfast
Premium Hot Air Balloon Ride

Age Policy:

  • Guests between 5 to 11 are charged at child prices, whereas guests between 12 to 80 years of age are charged at adult prices.
Starting from
17% OFF

Hot Air Balloon Dubai Tickets Variations

Hot Air Balloon Dubai Couple
Standard Hot Air Balloon Dubai Ride with Transfers

Opt for our Standard ride to witness the scenic landscape on the west bank of Luxor as you glide your way under fluffy white clouds. The tour comprises 30-70 minutes of balloon ride based on the weather conditions at the time.

The ticket for a Standard Ride also includes refreshments, a delectable breakfast during your stopover, an E-flight certificate, as well as pick up and drop off from any hotel within the city of Dubai, albeit on a shared basis. Enjoy a safe and secure flight with a skilled, licensed, and well-trained pilot who will be your guide for the entire tour.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Deluxe Ride With Breakfast And Falcon Photography with Transfers

When you choose our Deluxe Ride for your hot air balloon ride here in Dubai, you sign up not only for an exhilarating experience of flying high in the air viewing the enchanting red sand dunes of Dubai’s desert but also for fun camel rides and photography with falcons and the Falcon show on the ground.

With this option, you get 60 minutes of the hot air balloon ride, depending on the weather conditions, wind speed, and directions. You will receive an e-flying certificate upon landing that will be signed by your well-qualified pilot along with a group photo with him. Meals on the tour include a gourmet breakfast in the desert, welcome drinks, and in-flight snacks.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
Premium Hot Air Balloon Dubai Ride

The Premium hot air balloon Dubai rides are quite exceptional in their own right as you get the opportunity to ride the 4*4 as well as experience the only falcon performance in the world during your flight. The lavish breakfast spread that is included in the tour will also have caviar and which you can enjoy at the desert camp.

Enjoy the thrills of dune bashing, quad biking, short horse or camel ride which are part of this Premium package. This is a 30 – 70 minutes ride depending on the weather condition, along with a licensed and experienced pilot to guide you along.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai experience
Premium Hot Air Balloon Ride to Hajar Mountains with Private Transfers

Select this premium package and enjoy the world’s only Falcon performance while in flight as well as a ride in a vintage land rover to a luxurious Bedouin desert camp. You will be picked up from your hotel within the city of Dubai, at the timings opted by you after booking the package.

The tour also includes a private round trip transfer from the hotel to Hajar Mountains. The one-hour-long flight includes a delectable gourmet breakfast that you can enjoy local style in the midst of the golden desert sands on the ground.

Why Should You Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai?

  • Experience never-seen-before views from your basket high up in the air on a hot air balloon ride Dubai
  • Savor mesmerizing sights of the blue sky above and vast stretches of golden sand below along with the city’s skyline, sea, and sun for an hour from your perch
  • Enjoy spotting the desert camels, onyx, and gazelles in their wilderness far below
  • Revel in the ride with complete assurance of safety and security with some of the most experienced, well-qualified, and skilled pilots as your guide
  • Capture all the exceptional moments on camera as you soar high with the warm rays of the rising or setting sun casting a chintzy halo in the background
  • Relish the lavish gourmet breakfast that is served at one of the desert camps below as part of your tour
  • Enjoy in-flight snacks and refreshments as well as a welcome drink of either tea, coffee, or soft drinks
  • Take home a certificate signed by the pilot once you complete your ride that is to glorify your unique aerial adventure
  • Make the most of the conveniences offered as you also get a pickup and drop off from and to your hotel or residence anywhere within the main city of Dubai

Experiences to Have While Going for Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai

Dune Bashing
Dune Bashing

Your hot air balloon ride experience also includes the thrilling Dune Bashing if you opt for certain premium packages. This is essentially a form of off-roading that is done on sand dunes usually in big 4X4 vehicles. You drive your vehicles which could range from a Fortuner to a Land Cruiser, in varying speeds over the sand dunes while maintaining balance.

Dubai Desert Safari
Quad Biking

This adrenaline-pumping sport is also included in certain hot air balloon Dubai prices. It involves the thrill of riding a massive bike on mind-boggling terrains with no restrictions whatsoever. Quad biking amps the adventure quotient of your hot air balloon ride experience with its sheer wild nature.

Horse Riding
Horse Riding

Experience the thrill of desert life in its true form by enjoying a horse riding tour as part of your Dubai hot air balloon adventure rides. So if you love horses or have never tried riding before, this is a great opportunity.

Camel Riding
Camel Riding

A visit to the vast Arabian deserts is incomplete without a ride on the back of a camel and your hot air balloon Dubai price may include this experience as well. Catch a camel ride and take a photograph taken while at it to create some beautiful memories of your experiences here.

Falcon Show
Falcon Show

Marvel at a spectacular falcon show against an attractive desert backdrop during your hot air balloon ride Dubai. These amazing creatures display their immense speed and agility by swooping their way around the balloon. It is an absolute wonder to watch these birds here, the only place in the world where you can see a falcon show from the sky.

Buffet Breakfast
Buffet Breakfast

Enjoy a lavish gourmet breakfast which is always included in the average cost of a hot air balloon ride. The spread usually includes cold meats, fresh fruit, hand-cut smoked salmon, caviar, eggs Benedict, and much more.

Tips for Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai

Hot Air Balloon Dubai
  • The Dubai hot air balloon adventure rides are a high-demand activity here and tend to get sold out in no time. It is thus advisable to book your tickets well in advance. Make your reservations at least two or three weeks prior to your planned date so as to be absolutely reassured
  • The hot air balloon ride in Dubai is not an experience you get to savor very often and thus calls for capturing it for eternity. Make sure you carry a camera to click amazing pictures of breathtaking views, sceneries, and landscapes from your vantage point
  • The best time to embark on your Sunrise hot air balloon ride is early in the morning in time to catch the rays of sun. Thus it is prudent to go to sleep early the day before your tour as you may have to start as early as 4:00 to 4:30 in the morning.
  • Wear warm and comfortable clothes as the desert in the early mornings may get quite chilly especially when you are thousands of feet above the ground. The high altitude causes the temperatures to drop drastically, so ensure you are snug and well protected

Know Before You Go For Hot Air Balloon Dubai

Essential Info
Hot Air Balloon Dubai
  • Enjoy 30 - 60 minutes of unrestrained flying time in the hot air balloons of Dubai. The duration may vary from package to package and also depends heavily on the weather conditions and discretion of the pilot
  • Dig into a lavish breakfast spread in typically desert surroundings, also a part of the tour
  • Enjoy breath-taking aerial views of the vast Arabian desert along with desert creatures like camels, gazelles, and onyx in their natural habitat
  • Capture mesmerizing moments as you witness the unique falcon show
  • Get the convenience of pick up and drop off from your hotel to the tour point
  • Feel safe with a licensed and experienced pilot who will also sign a certificate for your experience which will then be e-mailed to you

What to Wear on a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai?

  • Wear clothing that keeps you comfortable during the time flying, and during getting on and off the balloon
  • If you are going for a sunrise tour or taking the hot air balloon ride in the winter season, wear clothes that will keep you warm and protected from the biting cold, especially at high altitudes
  • Wear sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the sun
  • Wear comfortable sports shoes or any other thing which can cover your feet

Hot Air Balloon Dubai FAQs